Full lower body strength diagnostics providing kinetic insights on your underpinning physical qualities related to YOUR running

Integration of 8 fully synchronised high speed video cameras, in conjunction with a 3D markerless motion analysis capture system


Maximise YOUR individual performance

Mitigate YOUR injury risk

Run FASTER for longer

A comprehensive and detailed global 3D biomechanical running assessment in less than 1 minute!

Dr Paul Brice


Welcome to pbbiomechanics.com, a unique biomechanical running laboratory hosted at
The Bosworth Clinic, near Oxford.

After nearly 20 years working as an applied biomechanist working across a number of Olympic, Paralympic and professional sporting environments, I have been acutely aware of the many misconceptions and subjective beliefs that are entrenched in the world of running biomechanics. The statement that there is 'only one way to run' is simply not true!

What we 'think' we are doing and what we are 'actually' doing when it comes to running - can sometimes be two very different things.

Our aspiration is that you are able to run FASTER, for LONGER and remain INJURY free.

For an unparalleled running experience, the slat-based high speed treadmill will allow for a truly unique 3D whole body running biomechanical review - all real time, with no markers, just get on the treadmill and RUN!

Our aim is to make sure we understand the 'science' behind all things related to the biomechanics of running but more importantly we are able to translate this into MEANINGFUL and ACTIONABLE insights for you the client.

The ability to harness these scientific approaches, world leading technologies and applied knowledge from elite sport and make this available and accessible to EVERYONE, regardless of ability, level or experience remains a primary focus and passion of pbbiomechanics.com

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Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

I started working with Dr Paul Brice (Bricey) back in 2007 and he very quickly became an integral part of my specialist team – the behind the scenes team that helped support and enhance my overall performances, which in turn led to my winning a number of European, World and Olympic medals. Bricey worked with me on some of my more challenging events, especially in advance of the London 2012 Olympics and his expert analysis and attention to detail enabled me to make small biomechanical changes that led to significant performance gains. Bricey is a world leading biomechanist at the very top of his profession and I can’t wait to visit his running analysis laboratory in Cassington, near Oxford!

Christian Taylor

USA Track and Field - Two time Olympic Gold medallist and 4 times World Champion - Men Triple Jump

I have had the great privilege to work alongside Dr Paul Brice at key moments during my preparations for multiple World Championships and Olympic games. In everything that he does he strives for excellence and his attention to detail is exceptional. He has displayed outstanding professionalism throughout our time together. I admire his passion to further his expertise in the inception of his long awaited biomechanics running laboratory. I have no doubt this will be a huge success. I would highly recommend all athlete / coaches / teams to work with him if your goal is to the best you can be in our event regardless of ability or experience. I cannot wait to visit next time I’m in the UK!

Nick Grantham

Performance Enhancement Specialist - 1st Team Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach (Newcastle United FC)

Paul Brice is an exceptional applied biomechanist and has been my go-to expert for over a decade. Paul speaks the coaches and athletes language and can transform complicated biomechanical information and data and distil it down into actionable training interventions. He has an ability of making the complex simple, ensuring his support positively impacts on athletic performance. I have no doubt the running biomechanics laboratory will offer an exceptional level of detail, insight and allow elite level knowledge and experience to everyone regardless of running ability or level.

Alison Rose

Clinical Director and Founder - CSPC Physiotherapy Clinic

Paul Brice is a world class applied biomechanist. As a physio I have worked with him, across a number of elite athletes / coaches and have always found his input to be invaluable to the broader performance conversations. Paul's skills lie in the fact that he isn't just about the numbers! Paul recognises, acknowledges and clearly highlights the way people move is individualised. Paul is able to utilise key biomechanical technologies in combination with a deep understanding of human movement and diverse coaching philosophies to consistently create change and improve performance. Underpinning all of this is a true professional. I look forward to visiting the PB Biomechanics laboratory in the future and I have no doubt this will add huge value to every runner regardless of ability who simply wants to get better!

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